Bangladeshi Blogger Earn Extra Money with Chitika Ads From Your Site

Chitika Ads is one of the leading search-targeted advertising networks that serving over 2 billion monthly impressions across more than 30,000 websites. It provides services that are free to join and easy to earn money when visitor clicks on your Ads (use of images displayed next to textual Ads).

Google AdSense and Chitika are the current two top players in the PPC advertising market. We know exactly about Google AdSense which is the market-leader in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) affiliate marketing. But Chitika PPC affiliate program is also closely following Google AdSense.

However Chitika is 100% compatible with Google AdSense. This is a great benefit of Chitika Ads. Chitika's PPC rate has been considerably higher than Google AdSense. Chitika uses their eMiniMall Ads are different from Google AdSense uses text Ads in a number of ways.

Benefit of Chitika Ads:
Chitika Ads contains product pictures that easy for visitor to find specific products and you can make specific Ads the same to your topics.
Chitika Ads let visitor search for competitive products without leaving the page and you can make your Ads fit into your website easily.
New pages that have low CTR (Click-Through Rate) are not penalized like Google AdSense.
There is a useful referral program built-in your account that is a more benefit for publishers to find new customers to sign up with Chitika to earn money.

Sample  Chitika Ads

Before you start with Chitika Ads, you have noted that:
  1. Chitika Ads is very similar to AdSense and you are not allowed to click on your own ads.
  2. Chitika Ads not automatically present ads that are suit to your content. You can use your control panel to choose the type of ads that suit to your content.
  3. Chitika Ads includes a search option that is an attractive service. However, if you already use AdSense for Search on your site, Google prohibits you from using a competitive search facility.
  4. Chitika Ads let you use multiple Ads on a page.
  5. Chitika Ads is not as large as AdSense but you do control over your Ads on your website or blog.
Earn Money: Chitika Ads are on-demand services, as soon as your users start clicking your Ads, you start earning money. Chitika will pay you 60% of Chitika's revenue.
Payment: Your earning commission will be reported daily and you can get paid monthly via PayPal when your account balance exceeds $10 (for Paypal) or $50 (for checks).

Chitika Referral Program: this is another way to earn money with Chitika by its referral affiliate program. You will get 10% of your referrals and you are able to earn commissions from each referral for 15 months after referral's approval date. Chitika will make payment at the end of the month when your total revenue has exceeded $10 (PayPal).

Chitika Ads are a great source of income if you wish to implement them on your new website, or wish to maximize your income in addition to your Google AdSense.

For further information about Chitika affiliate program, please CLICK HERE

N.B: If you notice carefully then you will see that we also use Chitika Ads on this site.People from Bangladesh who are looking for a decent way of making money from online by their Blog, Website as a publisher are strongly suggested to use Chitika Ads.

Here is a First Payment we have got from Chitika Ads.

To know how to Cash your cheque from Bangladesh and also about Paypal Payment you can SMS us at +8801712166264 (Only From Bangladesh)

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