Freelance Job - Website Content Reuired for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website Content Reuired for SEO, Web Development, and Social Media Marketing Company.

Job Description

We need website content creation for our  website ....................

We are an SEO, Web Design & Social Media Marketing firm out of Miami, FL. Our goal is to market to specific niche industries and business owners that are involved in MMA & Sport Supplement companies.

The content needs to be written with those prospective clients in Mind.

Here is a link for the website that is being developed.


The business is simple provide three services

Web Design
Social Media Marketing

We need to write an amazing sales page on the home page. Basically like an intro and why is it important to have these three services. Especially having these three services done by us.

We need content for the About Us Page.

About us is describing who we are and why are we in business.

The basic is We are a SEO, Web Design, & social media marketing from Miami. We have a passion for business and helping other gain more business. etc..etc..etc...The most important thing to drive home is that we are the experts and with our help you cannot fail. With us your website will be successful



We need to describe and break down each service we offer and why it is important to your business.

We need to make sure as we write this we connect with potential business owners and make them want to contact us for our services.

Please refer to ............... for the complete list of services that we will be offering and packages.

All other tabs can be left alone.

Important keywords:

SEO Consulting
SEO Services
SEO Firm
MMA Marketing
MMA Web Design

Also, we need to write a few sentences for the slideshow. It needs to make sense as for the website.

You can use the content on the website as a guide as well.

Skills Required:
seo, content-writing, web-services 

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