Best Google Adsense Alternative To Earn Money From Blog

Chitika is a free service which displays revenue-earning ads to your website visitors featuring different types of ads for different types of traffic. It is very similar to Google AdSense but it's a bit different so the best news is that you can have both on the site at the same time. Google AdSense and Chitika can work friendly and don't violate Terms of Use of each service.

Chitika is the only ad-network which knows when not to show an ad, helping to preserve your user experience.Chitika charges advertisers to be featured alongside your site's content. At the end of every month you are paid based on the previous month's earnings (Net 30). Payments are sent after your account earns at least $10.00 (USD) for PayPal payouts or $50.00 (USD) for checks.

Have you ever heard about Chitika? This is one of many ways to earn money online. Chitika offers relevant ads for your website and pays you for every click you get. Chitika is a great alternative to Google Adsense related to earning money online. To make money with Chitika is easy. In just a few clicks you can start making huge money. This web site use Chitika to provide the ads. Everytime someone clicks on my ads, I get some dollars. If you have a web site that has a lot of visitors, this might be something for you!

You get paid every month with Chitika. When you have crossed 10 dollars, you will get paid with Paypal, or 50 dollar with check. If you want to use Chitika, you need an English web site. All other languages are not accepted, but you can still come from another country. If you are from Norway, Slovakia or United States does not matter. Something unique with Chitika is that they offer 10 % of every person you refer. That means if your friend signs up with your link, you will get 10 % of all the money he earns. If you use Google Adsense you may also use Chitika too. There are no restrictions on that!

My Payment Proof:

Chitika is the real winner against Google. If you have a niche like for example digital cameras or e-books, Chitika provides more relevant ads than the large network, Google Adsense. If you want to try out Chitika, you should click this link and get started just now: Chitika

If you are one of those bloggers trying to make money from blog using Google AdSense and other online money making methods, I recommend you to try Chitika to monetize your blog as well. Chitika has served me well and I am sure it is another best way to make money blogging. If you still remember, I got paid by Chitika and the payment is USD$18.36.

If you are not using Chitika, you can try to place it on your blog. Chitika has several ads format for you to choose from. Some blog are making great income from Chitika because Chitika Ads has picture within their ads which is aimed to help Publishers to get more clicks on ads and make more money for every click on the ads.

How to Make Money From Blog using Chitika Ads?
Basically, making money from blog using Chitika Ads is quite simple. As long as you use Google AdSense HeatMap or AdSense One-Click optimizer as your guidelines and place Chitika Ads on those highly recommended locations, you can make money from blog using Chitika Ads.

Chitika Ads is also a pay per click ads. It works like Google AdSense. The more clicks you get, the more money you can make from Chitika Ads. So, as long as you use AdSense tips and apply it on Chitika Ads, you will be making good income from Chitika.

How to Get Paid in Chitika?
Getting paid from Chitika is quite simple. The minimum payout is $10.00 and the payment will be sent using PayPal. It is not so hard to reach the minimum payout. So, making money from Chitika would be quite simple and quite fast.

Can I use Google AdSense together with Chitika?
Ok, this question is quite tough because there are a lot of questions and answers around this questions. In my personal opinion, I do not encourage bloggers to place too many ads all around their blog. So, if you are still using Google AdSense, I would encourage using Google AdSense because I like Google AdSense. :)

If you are no longer using Google AdSense, then Chitika would be the next best way to make money from blog. Try to avoid using both Chitika and Google AdSense on your blog because it will hurt the earnings from these publisher program.

Is Chitika Paying More Than Google AdSense?
This is commonly asked by most bloggers who are trying to make more money online. Basically, there is no limit for you to make money online using Chitika. You can earn as much as you can if you can get a lot of clicks on those Chitika Ads. So, is Chitika paying more than Google AdSense, it depends on how well the ads perform on your blog.

Should I use Chitika on my blog?
Well this is another question asked by most bloggers. Most of the time, we are unsure which ads we should use on our blog. So, my answer for this question is: If you still have Google AdSense on your blog, use Google AdSense because I believe Google AdSense is still the best. If yo no longer use Google AdSense on your blog, then you can use Chitika because it is a good alternative income that you can earn from your blog.

Chitika is paying and it is great. It will be a good make money from blog alternative if you do not use Google AdSense on your blog. My advice is that try not to use both Google AdSense and Chitika on your blog as it lowers the earnings per click and it will hurt your income from your blog. It would be the best to stick to one advertising program on your blog to make the most money out of it.

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  1. I have chitika but I can no longer access it even if I ask for password retrieval still it does not work. It is really true that if Chitika is far more better than Google adsense. If you want to earn money online you should try this one.

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