Preparing PowerPoint Slides and Adding Proper Effects Job Offer

Job Profile
Powerpoint Work is all about creating and designing PowerPoint Slides for given text, images, sounds and videos (if required). Required templates will be provided with the given project. The work includes setting proper animations and motion lengths.

Eligibility Standards and Payment Rules.
  • Skills : A candidate should have elementary level typing skills and should be habitual of Online Environment.
  • Age : 18 Years or above
  • Educational Qualifications : Understanding of English Language in all three forms (i.e. Reading/Writing/Speaking)
Technical Requirement :
  • A self owned Desktop/Laptop PC with Pentium IV or higher Processor.
  • 24x7 Internet Connectivity.
  • Access of Scanner.
  • A Microphone/Speaker attached to PC.
  • Necessary software installed for the proper execution of work.
Compensation : $3 per ppt silde. (A single ppt project includes minimum 15 Powerpoint slides)

Powerpoint Sample Brief

You are supposed to be well aware of MS-PowerPoint utility software which is used to create digital presentation files for various purposes and at various levels. For preparing the sample file you are being given few required criteria that have to be followed by you.

  • Sample file must contain 7 slide pages.
  • These 7 slides includes welcome and Thanking you page as well.
  • There must be 3 Photos in this whole presentation.
  • No sound required.
  • Animation should be used where it is required i.e. no excessive animations.
  • Slide transaction should be manual i.e. on mouse click

Send the prepared file on our email address given in our Contact Us page.

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